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Rod Wakefield contracts to global consultancy, Mining Plus

As already mentioned, Envision Director/Founder, Rod Wakefield, has just begun a 6 month contract, as a Business Support Specialist,  with global mining engineering consultancy, Mining PlusMining Plus is a member of the Byrnecut Group of Companies. The Byrnecut Group has evolved over the last 30 years to become a diverse group of companies, able to provide a wide range of services to the mining industry and beyond.



Rod Wakefield has a genuine interest in digital transformation, automation and practical innovation. Being a proud West Australian and having been involved in the mining sector for over 15 years, Rod is particularly interested in how technology can be better integrated and optimised within the mining sector. He believes that for Australia to remain competitive globally, we need to leverage technology.  We also need to advance our educational institutions to be at the forefront of delivering Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEMS). Many people may not know, that Australia is lagging behind the rest of the world in these critical areas of learning.

Mining is Awesome! 



To develop a high performance culture and be known as the best professional mining experts on the planet. 

Mining Plus services are Mining, Geology & Geotechnical Engineering.  

Mining Plus are the leading mining technical services provider with emphasis on being innovative & practical. 

“Getting it right the first time”

Mining Plus are the leading mining technical services provider, consisting of professionals specialising in geology, mining engineering (Surface & Underground), geotechnical engineering,  mine ventilation and operational management. ​

From a small two man consulting company based in Perth Western Australia, Mining Plus to date has grown to have a global presence across multiple mining disciplines.​

Our core capability is in geology, mining engineering, and geotechnical engineering, covering a broad range of mineral commodities and project types, enhanced by strategic alliances in other core disciplines.​

We have grown and diversified over the years to cover a broad range of mineral commodities across the project value chain, from the conceptual stage of projects, right through to feasibility study work, project delivery, commissioning, and mine closure.

Mining Plus can integrate seamlessly with your project teams to deliver results with the flexibility of working remotely or mobilising to site. ​

Our operations are conducted with an underlying emphasis on innovative thinking coupled with a practical approach.

Our number one goal is to ultimately deliver value to your project.



Mining Plus has had the privilege of working in all corners of the world throughout our rich history. Our passion for our great industry comes from the understanding that Geology and Mining is a global “language” and this is represented by the locations we have worked.

Some highlights include the largest mineralisation systems on earth based in Australia to the coldest parts of the world in Russia and Canada to the highest mines in the mountains of Peru and Chile to the deepest mines in South Africa to the biggest open pits in the US. It is however not only about the “most” it is also about everything in between from deserts, jungles, cities, rivers, oceans, farmland and just the plain old bush.

​With over 1,850 projects for 630 customers in 40 countries over a range of different commodities we have built a diverse experience base and reputation.




  • Rod is an outstanding Professional who is Knowledgeable, Exhibits High Integrity, and Ensures Quality Assurance.

    Highly Experienced in developing Accounting, Human Resource, and Quality Document Processes in a variety of Businesses.

    Provided excellent training services in the areas of Human Resources, Business Development, Accounting to ensure all participants understood and were able to apply best practice systems to their organisations. Highly recommended for virtual CFO and HR system development. It was a pleasure to observe him and work with him as a Colleague over the years.

    Joel Schreiber
    Pilbara Institute
  • "Rod and Envision successfully and passionately led our Company through significant change in 2016. Having experienced significant growth in Australia and overseas, and having outgrown our old computer system, Rod guided us through appropriate options to the right solution for our Company, thereafter training and cushioning our team across Australia through the change. Rod’s perception, passion and professionalism were at the heart of his leadership at all times. We are proud to be aligned to Rod and Envision in our current and future endeavours and are experiencing the integrity of operational and financial information at a level now that has never before been experienced in the Company."

    Jo-Anne Robinson
    JTMEC Pty Ltd
  • "I have known Rod on a professional basis for 3 years now and in all encounters I have had with him he has been hugely focused on achieving efficient and productive outcomes for businesses, through constant improvement of the people and the systems that they use daily to operate. Rod has a passion for training people and helping them grow and his enthusiasm is infectious. We are happy to call Rod a strategic partner of Mortgage Choice."

    Ruth Harding
    Mortgage Choice
  • "Rod is focused not just on the issue, but also on ensuring ongoing quality service and customer satisfaction and is committed to developing the report and customer relationships to make a strong partnership that continues to assist the business long after the solution has been provided."

    Stephen Sandilands
    Roy Hill