Management and staff of Envision fully support Sideffect and you should too.Increase safety in your workplace and protect your children! The Orange Card is an online drug awareness and education platform designed to supply the most up to date knowledge and information on illicit substances.

The online learning tool is designed to tackle the growing drug problem we are seeing in Australian workforces. Developed into 10 easy modules, the course is designed to get to the point quickly and clearly.


The Objectives

Following the death of his beautifully talented and generous son, Preston, Rodney Bridge began Sideffect. Preston died at the age of 16 after taking a synthetic form of LSD which Rod later found out was made up of 25inBome as well as a shopping list of other synthetic drugs. Preston lost his life that night based on one choice and had he known what he was taking, he would have made an entirely different decision. Sideffect was born out of that understanding, that people need to know more about these drugs in order to make informed choices.



Reduce costs with early intervention
The current illicit drug epidemic is costing the Australian economy 4.4 billion dollars in health care, crime, and economic losses. Whilst billions of dollars have been spent on law enforcement and rehabilitation, there has been little spent on education and early intervention which is the only way to stop the current mass serge of drugs coming into Australia. This current epidemic affects every state, town, and suburb within the Australian community.

Inform youths and save lives
These drugs are not only killing our children and citizens but slowly killing our culture. Sideffect has a plan to educate our youth as a priority before it’s too late. Our very powerful presentation, and the development of The Orange Card
online accreditation platform, will ensure that all employees and workers are well informed about the risks associated with illicit drug use. A special focus will target our youth who are most vulnerable when it comes to making
uninformed decisions.

Educate the workplace
The Goal of The Orange Card is to ensure that you and your fellow staff are well educated about the risks associated with synthetic drugs including ICE. The course is designed to educate through coaching workers about the
dangers of Illicit drug use, and the impact it can have on their co-workers and their community.

Sideffect is an Australian not-for-profit organisation that is dedicated to the early intervention and education of illicit drugs. With a focus on reaching Australian schools with their powerful message, the Sideffect team is also helping parents, regional communities, and at-risk workplaces.

“Our mission is to educate everyone in Australia about illicit drugs (including ICE) – what’s in them, what they can do to you, and how they can affect your family and community – so that people are able to make informed decisions based on knowledge and awareness, not misinformation and ignorance.” Sideffect team.

Help us combat workplace drug culture!

David Hobbs, Director and CEO of Sideffect Australia, says that The Orange Card was inspired by the mandatory White Card used in the construction industry. Our aim is to educate employees about the dangers of substance abuse and to create a safer community and workplace for everyone, – says Hobbs. We are envisioning that completion of The Orange Card will become mandatory across all high-risk industries and beyond, just as the White Card is.

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